January 28, 2014

New Hair Society Products!!

We know it's tough not being able to buy the Hair Society Collection online but it IS Ellen Wille's luxury collection and they like to keep it exclusive. But it IS still easily available to you!! You can of course buy it over the phone or drop us an email for prices.

The new brochure has arrived and there are some absolutely stunning new styles available! We have lots of customers who love this range and we know they will be excited about the wonderful new creations!

Below we have Lounge. This is very Beyonce Knowles! Lovely layering gives a fabulous shape to this stunning long wig.  As always with the Hair Society wigs, the cap is 100% hand tied. This is the very best you can buy.  The lace front as you can see is invisible and the hair looks like it is growing from the scalp. It has a fully hand tied mono top which again gives the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp. This is our new favourite in the Hair Society Collection. 


Below is Star. Bob style wigs are an eternal favourite with customers so we know, like the Icone, that this one will be popular! 100% hand crafted to the highest standards with an invisible lace front and mono top, just like all the other wigs in this collection this fabulous style is a real eye catcher!

Bloom (below) has gentle volume on top and is flatteringly longer into the neck. Again, 100% hand tied just like the other wigs in this prestige collection.

Of course, the usual firm favourites are still available, Icone and Affair.  You can be sure of the high quality of this collection. Please call or email for information. 


January 05, 2014

New Wigs Arriving Soon

We always love it when new brochures come out featuring new wig styles and colours.  We love it even more when new collections are produced, particularly when those collections include a completely new type of fibre! 

Let us introduce you to the 'High Tech Hair' wigs by Gisela Mayer which will be available from us very soon! At first glance, it would seem they are simply heat resistant wigs but do not be fooled! This new collection is made from fibre which can be treated just like your own hair but the big difference is that it doesn't need heat to re-style it! If you have been impressed by the heat resistant fibre that has come onto the market these past few years then you will really love the fabulous High Tech Collection.

Of course, we love heat resistant wigs because they give another option to the wearer.  They tend to last that little bit longer and can be restyled with heated appliances but of course the heat must not be too extreme or it can still damage the hair and knowing just what level of heat is considered OK to use and what should be avoided is a bit of a minefield. The one thing that takes this new collection into the big league is that re-styling can be done with COOL appliances. In fact, they do not need heat at all giving a longer lasting, hassle free wig which will not inadvertently get damaged as no heat is required. 

All wigs in this collection are pre-styled and will dry in the same style they were purchased in unless you choose to change the style yourself! 

Not only is the fibre used to manufacture these wigs top quality, but the cap construction of each wig is the highest quality available. All feature a lace front giving an invisible hairline allowing the hair to be swept off the face without fear of the wig cap showing. They also have a 100% hand tied base for a lightweight finish. The monofilament top is completely hand tied and looks as if the hair is growing from the scalp. 

We can only embrace new initiatives and congratulate Gisela Mayer on their contemporary ideas and for offering a range of different wigs to suit every face shape and every pocket. 

This fabulous new collection will be available from us soon. 


September 19, 2013

Be aware.....

It has come to our attention that there are several websites springing up which appear to be from the UK but are in fact from China. These websites advertise top range products - and indeed take pictures of the wigs off ours and may other UK based websites to use on their own.The prices are well below the usual selling price.  As the old saying goes, if it appears to be too good to be true then it probably is!  Most online stores sell for similar prices.  If you see a site selling wigs well under price then it most likely isn't the wig you're going to get!! We have spoken to customers who have purchased from these stores only to find that the wig bears no resemblance to the to one they thought they were going to get. They are inferior quality and you are best to give them a wide berth! 

Any doubts give us a call. 

August 29, 2013

Heat Defiant Wigs

How to Care for Heat Defiant Wigs

The Three C's

• Comb hair to makes sure there are no tangles
• Take a small section of hair (Smaller section  of hair will result in tighter curls,  large section of hair will result in looser curls. 
• Put hair section into curling iron, smooth through to the ends to avoid any frizz, roll up towards the cap of the wig.
• Hold for approx  15-20 seconds, release curl gently into your hand and then....

• Holding curl in your hand, gather up towards the cap and clip



• Allow curl to cool completely before removing clip and then gently let the curl hang naturally.
• HD hair can be combed ( but it is best to use fingers or a wide tooth comb).


FLAT IRON - curling tongs

• Take small” section of hair, starting approx 2" away from the cap of the wig (more than 2" is better!) gently smooth the flat iron down towards the ends of the hair. 

• You may need to do this 2 or 3 times if necessary to get the desired result. 

• Allow hair to cool naturally


HD Care Instructions

• Gently comb through any tangles using a wide tooth comb.

• Wash with a cap full of shampoo or baby shampoo in cool water
• Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water 
• Rinse off shampoo and apply conditioner or balsam if desired.
• Pat dry and either let the wig dry naturally or use a dryer.

Tip: We recommend that ONLY a wide tooth comb is used on any wig. Treat Gently! 


July 19, 2013

Delivery time scale

You will see that on each item there is a delivery time scale of 4 - 7 working days (sometimes longer as with the Jon Renau products). These tyme scales are accurate. Most of our wigs are in our warehouse in Germany . Once we get your order, we send for your wig. This can take 24 - 48 hours but of course all depends on when the UPS driver arrives and what time of the day you placed your order. If UPS arrives late in the day then the orders do not get dispatched that day.  Please take it that your order will get to you between 4 - 7 working days unless you hear from us to say the wig is not in stock. We know you can't wait to get your new wig and we DO  understand but we get a lot of customers who phone and email after 24 hours wanting to know where their wig is!! Most online wig companies work this way as it is impossible to keep every wig in every colour in stock in our office.. there would be hundreds of thousands of wigs! 


Please also remember that you might order late in the day or even at night. We will not pick up your order until the following day, i.e. day 1. Germany are an hour in front of us so no wigs will be sent to us after 2PM (3PM their time).

USA orders take longer. We have to pay tax and duty and the parcels can be held up in customs so please allow up to 10 days.

You can be sure that we will do our best to get the wig to you as soon as possible. We even send my special delivery to make sure you get it quicker. Usually delivery is well within these time scales. 

We have worked this way for many years and it works well. We sell top brand expensive items and we are a small family run business. We cannot work in the same way as a large company like Amazon! 

Thank you for your patience. Rest assured we are doing our best for you at all times.