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5 Mistakes New Wig Wearers Make

As we have said many times before, buying your first wig can be fraught with problems. It needn't be, as long as you are armed with the right information! Maybe we are being harsh saying mistakes, it's all a learning curve! 

1st Mistake... people new to wig wearing do not try any wigs on before ploughing right in and buying something completely unsuitable online! We've all done it! 9 times out of 10 that wig will be returned and can often put the wearer off bothering again! The answer is to TRY SOME ON FIRST! Maybe your friend wears wigs and you could try a few of hers on? If not, go to a shop and look at the different types of cap fittings and colours . By doing that,  you will feel armed with enough basic information to buy your first wig. It can of course be from the shop your tried the wigs on. If you like something by all means buy it!  You may decide to go online and find the wig a bit cheaper. The choice is yours.  

2nd Mistake.. is to plonk a wig on your head and assume it will look like the model wearing it! It won't It will need some love and attention! You may feel happier to have the wig slightly trimmed to make it look more like you.  This should only be done by a professional.  Experiment. Put the hair behind your ears, tie it up, try something different.  It won't look right straight out of the box. Give it a shake to wake it up. Obviously only do all of this when you know you are keeping the wig. Look for inspiration online. Instagram is great, so is You Tube. 

3rd assuming that by buying the same wig 3 months after the first will mean it is identical. It rarely is.  Yes it will be the same model but if wigs have any hand tied areas, then these can vary slightly in just the same way as a hand knitted jumper will vary.. some people knit tightly, some loosely, the variation might be subtle but it will be there.  It's the same with the colour of the wig. Your colour choice could have two or three colours mixed together and these will no doubt be mixed in a slightly different way with each wig made. It's the same as going to the hairdressers and having highlights, they cannot be put highlights in exactly the same spot as the time before. 

4th Mistake.. not securing the wig. Most wigs these days will stay put with little help. However, to make sure you are doing the best thing for your look, the first thing you need to do is secure your own hair underneath the wig properly (assuming that you may have some hair to do this with).  If you tie it in a ponytail, the lump from the ponytail will make the cap lift off your head. Try a few plaits instead and clip them to your head with bobby pins. This will make the hair much flatter to the head. If you do not have any hair or very short hair, the wig should sit comfortably on your head. Use a wig cap to keep it from moving if necessary. You can use glue and tape but make sure you have a wig that allows this. Some wigs have silicone tabs at the ears and forehead which in itself will help to grip the head but tape can put onto these areas to help secure it.  Do not put tape or glue directly onto the lace. It will ruin the wig.  

5th to assume wigs can never look realistic. This is SO untrue. We can guarantee that you have watched people on TV without knowing for a second they are wearing a wig. This goes for men's wigs too. Wigs have long been the butt of jokes, comedy sketches show wigs looking like birds nests or blowing off in the wind. It's just a bit of fun. Think of Rita Ora, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian..all beautiful, all have fantastic, realistic looking hair, but all of them wear wigs and and look stunning doing so. The right wig is out there for you. Honestly! 

Finally, look after your wig, don't sleep in it, don't wash it too often and when you do wash it, pay it some attention, put some love into caring for it. It's your crowing glory. 

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