How to Choose a Wig Colour

Understanding wig colours is probably the reason most people contact us! If you have never bought a wig before, colours can be really difficult to understand. Basically, it is often best to go for a colour similar to your own hair if you do not want to draw attention to the fact you are wearing a wig. If you don't mind who knows then the world is your oyster! Please remember that skin tone plays a part in what colours suit you and what could make you look washed out!

Wig colours are completely different to hair dye colours. Basically, the colour 1 is black, 2 nearly black, 4 dark brown and so on. You then get to blonde colours at colour 16 to 26, copper 27 - 29, auburn 30 - 33. After that, 34 to colour 60 are varying degrees of greys with 60 being white!  So, if you look at colour 12/26/27, this would be the colour 12 (mousy brown) with 26 (honey blonde) and 27 (copper). It basically means it is a mix of the three colours. 

With Ellen Wille colours, most have a colour name such as tobacco mix and caramel mix. These colours usually have the numbers written underneath. So, for caramel mix, the colours 20.26.14 are used.  Often, the clue is in the name such as expresso mix.. you would guess from the name that the colour will be a dark brown. The colours used for this are 4.6.2 so three of the darker colours are used. These colours with a name are by far the easiest to understand! See below as an example. 

Generally a mix of colours is used in each wig to give a more realistic look. 

The Gisela Mayer colours are more difficult to understand and as yet not many have names. They also add a letter in front of some of their colours. If you see a wig in colour 12 and then another available in G12, they WILL be slightly different but quite often is it very slight and the colour 12 still remains the dominating colour. In the case of the letter L, before a colour, this means the hair used is from their Lux colour ring and is nothing to do with the actual shade of the wig! Confusing isn't it?!  See below an example of Gisela Mayer colours. 

If you are really unsure about colours, have a look through the website, look at the images of each wig and see if there is a colour you like. You might find that the wig you are looking to purchase comes in the colour you like the look of. If not, email us and tell us the wig you like the colour of, we can try to match the colour to the wig you want to purchase.  It may be slightly different but we can usually find something that will be similar and suitable! We try to put the colour shown on each wig details so you will be able to see the different colours available. 

Please DO email us if the colours are difficult to understand. We appreciate that online it is not as easy to select colours from a colour chart. However, if you are completely new to wigs it is often better to go to a shop as not only do you have the colour to contend with but wigs come in different sizes, cap constructions and types. As we always say, it is almost impossible to buy online when you are new to wigs and a visit to a shop is essential.

Wig colours can vary from wig to wig. A long wig may have highlights in different places to a shorter one and indeed even the same wigs can look a little different as each manufactured wig will be made by different people and so the hair will be added in different ways. 

Human hair wig colours are different again. As the hair has to be dyed, each wig can vary in colour depth due to the type of human hair being dyed. All of the human hair blondes tend to be less pale that the synthetic wig colours but human hair does fade over time. 

Concerning the "/" in wig numbers, this just means a blend of those two colours, so 12/23 would a base of colour 12 with added highlights or blend of colour 23.  Sometimes a colour may say 12/24+8.  The "+" means the wig is rooted, i.e. roots are showing on top.  With colour 12/24-12.  This means equal colours of 12/24 and then at the back (underneath) the hair is darker with the colour 12.. this is because quite often our own hair is darker underneath. All of these colour ways are to help the wig look more realistic. 

We know how difficult this all sounds to take it and it really is confusing, particularly when you are completely new to wigs, but we promise you that once you know how it all works, it will become much easier to understand.




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