June 11, 2012

New To Wigs?

Are you totally new to wig wearing?  Have you ever even seen a wig before?  It is almost impossible to buy a wig online if you have never even tried one on! Wigs come in different cap constructions, different types of hair, sizes, colours. When you have no idea what size you are or which colour is needed it becomes quite difficult for the customer particularly when colour charts can seem quite alien when you have never had to look at one before and the colours seem as if they are in a foreign language!
Firstly, always go and try a few on in a shop first. This way, you will at least know if you are able to even wear a wig! Some people try them on and immediately know they do not wish to wear wigs. Once you have tried a few on, you will know which styles suit you, what colour to go for and what cap construction suits you best.  All of this information can be found on our blog in more detail. 
When you first put a wig on, it WILL most likely look wiggy!  They key is to realise that, like your own hair, you need to style it a little to make it look more like "you"! When we wake up in the morning, our hair is often quite messy and needs dressing properly. It can be the same with wigs. Whilst most just need a shake and then to be put on, others may need pushing behind the ears, flattening down on top or even a bit of back combing before it looks how you want it to. We are all different in how we want our hair to look so two people buying the same wig may well want wear it differently to the other.  As wigs come in all styles, it is quite easy to find something that looks how you wish your hair to be. 
Generally, once you have the right style, colour, size and cap construction (Phew!) it all drops into place and buying a second wig is easy! Honest!  We are here to help so please call or email if you are unsure about the type of wig you need. 

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