June 18, 2012

What Style Wig Will Suit My Face


We are strong believers in wearing what you feel comfortable in. It could be that a short wig would suit your face but if you really want to wear a longer wig, then that is your personal choice and at the end of the day it is all about personal choice! It could also be that you have something on your face you would like to hide, like a mole on your forehead and of course you would choose a wig accordingly. 

As a guide to what face shapes suit different wigs,here is a short guide to help if you are unsure!  

Round Face

Add height to the wig if you can to give the face less of a rounded look. Big hair at the sides however, will make the face look bigger than it is so wear it flatter to the sides. Longer layers are good! 

Oval face

This is considered the best shaped face and generally you can wear any length or style of wig! Lucky you!! Beyonce would have this shaped face. 

Square Face

As with a round face, height on top will help lengthen this shape of face. Layers and curls can also look good. Comb the hair off the forehead or to the side. This also helps lengthen the face shape. 

Estelle Wig would be good for this face shape

Heart Shaped Face

Styles without too much fringe work well for this shape of face. Shoulder length or longer look great. Code mono below would be perfect. 

Long Face

Long styles will tend to drag this shape of face down and make it look even longer. Shorter styles with fullness at the sides will fatten this face as will a fringe. 

Pear Shaped Face

Create more fullness on top to make your lovely cheekbones more prominent. 


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