June 19, 2012

Top Fillers

 What can you use if you are only losing your hair on top and do not feel you need a full wig?  Well, you can of course wear a full wig if you prefer but there are other options to help.  Top fillers available in human hair and synthetic clip on to the top of your head and fill in the thinning area giving the customer more confidence. 

The fillers come in different lengths but it is often best to have a longer length and get your hairdresser to cut the length into your own style.  Human hair is much better for doing this. Usually the human hair fillers come without a fringe so that one can be created if desired. These pieces are undetectable. 


Some of the pieces come on quite small bases, only a few inches wide and approx 4 - 5 inches long. Others are the size of a palm of the hand and cover a wider area.

Most are made on mono caps which give the appearance of skin so the parting looks very realistic. 

Is there a down side to wearing these pieces? Well, yes. The clips that hold the piece in place CAN pull against each other once clipped into the remaining hair and this is turn can pull small strands of hair out. The thing is to be very gentle when taking the piece out as this too can pull at the hair. 

Can they be taped or clipped in? As customers using this piece will have their own hair, the glue would stick into the hair and be awkward to remove. There ARE removers available but the clips are better as the glue will also tug at the hair! Tape does not stick onto existing hair well. 

What does the inside of the piece look like? See below for the mono inside of the piece. 

These pieces also come wefted. Other pieces have a mono area and wefts or lace, see pic below:

What about colour?  Whilst you need a fairy good match for your hair, it really doesn't have to be absolutely exact, particularly if the piece is going to cover over the top of the hair. Most of us have a different colour hair underneath and so it does not appear odd to see a slight difference in colour. If you have an unusual colour hair or difficult to match hair, your hairdresser may be better to match your own hair colour to the colour of the piece, but this is rare!

Unless the piece fits exactly over your own hair, you will need a hairdresser to style the piece for you. Do not attempt to cut the hair yourself. 

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