June 27, 2012

Clip In Hair Extensions

At least one person a week calls us in a distressed state to say that glued in hair extensions have broken all of their hair off.  Please do not fret if you have glued in extensions.. professionally done, they are great and should not damage your hair. Do not be tempted to glue them in yourself!

Is there an alternative? Yes!  Clip in hair extensions are great. You can use them for a few hours, all day, all evening or not at all, so they are more flexible that being glued! They cause no damage to the hair and look fantastic. We would not recommend leaving them in to sleep in!

How do they work? 

If you go on You Tube and type in Clip In Hair Extensions, loads of videos will come up explaining how they attach. Basically, you clip them underneath your own hair,  usually level with the ears. Once clipped in, they are undetectable and you end up with those lovely luscious curls, or straight hair, whichever you feel is best for you.

Do I need to Match my Colour?

You need a near match. Some difference will not matter a great deal as we all have different colours underneath our hair. We have lots of shades and the clip in pieces also have several different shades in each piece making it easy to blend in. Click below to see the different types if clip in extensions available. They come in human hair, synthetic, half cap and a pack of several pieces, some large and other small to fill in different areas of your hair. 


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