July 04, 2012

How We Process Your Order


We quote a 4 day delivery on most wigs.  This is generally the case but please be aware that it CAN take a day or so longer if UPS do not deliver to us on time. We need to have all parcels packaged and ready for collection by Royal Mail by 3PM. We DO keep a small amount of stock, but it is impossible for us to keep every wig in every colour in stock as we would have hundreds of thousands of wigs and would need a massive storage space!! 

The 4 day quote simply means that if we receive your order at 10AM on Monday, we will have your order sent out by Wednesday. If your order came in on Monday at 8.30PM then, as it is evening time, we cannot begin to process your order until the following day and so your 4 days delivery time would start from the following day. 

Sometimes, the wig you have ordered may not be in stock with our suppliers.  We will notify you of this and give you the opportunity to either wait for the wig to arrive or change your order to a similar model.  An up to date email that you check often is very important. Check your junk folder!  We rarely telephone customers unless they request a call due to the private nature of the product and the fact that some people who buy wigs are discreet and do not want anyone to know they are wearing a wig. We would not embarrass you or put you in an awkward position with work colleagues or friends by calling unexpectedly. 

Also, remember that if you order on Thursday afternoon, the weekend will delay your order.  It is rare a UK customer would wait longer than 4 - 5 working days if the wig is in stock with our suppliers. 

The above information is for UK customers only. International order will take longer.  Again, this varies. It can be 4 - 8 days. On the very rare occasion it can take a little longer if your parcel has to go through customs. 

It is important for us to get your wig to you as soon as possible and we will do our very best to accommodate your delivery requests.

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