July 10, 2012

What Size Wig do I Need

 What Size Wig do I Need?

Approx 90% of wig wearers have average fitting wigs. This is approx. 22.5 inches around the hairline or where the hairline should be.

There is not a very big range of wigs for petite sizes or large sizes as the demand is not so great. Manufacturers are getting better with this and more of the small and larger sizes ARE coming onto the market. 

To be sure about size, measure your head using a soft tape measure. Measure around the head, where the hair line is or should be, above the ears and to the front of the forehead (as shown in diagram). 

Petite 20 - 21
Average  21.5- 22.5
Large  23 - 24

Please remember that all wigs have either velcro or slider adjustments at the back enabling the wig to be made smaller or larger. The above is just a guide. 

A few wigs are made in size 18.5 - 19 inches. This size is for either an ultra petite fitting or a child.  We find that generally, children do not wear wigs if they are very young.  

Most of the wigs on our website are average and will fit the majority of wig wearers.  If you need a petite wig or a large wig, the sections for these wigs can be found here:



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