July 17, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Copy from our Website

It has come to our attention that some website have actually cut and pasted the details from products on our website and put them onto their own! Another website has even stolen some of the wording from our homepage.. this was written from the heart and it's annoying that someone should feel they can just use it as their own. There are a few reasons why this in not the best idea in the world. Firstly, these are our own words and it would be very nice (and professional)  if it was not copied, plagiarism  is becoming a major problem on the internet and is not tolerated by Google.   Any websites that have word for word the same details are penalised and subsequently drop down the ranking. It has been known for website to drop from second or third place on the first page of a google search to page 40. It really is madness that any competitors should blatantly copy. It will badly affect their listing. Obviously we do not want this and no doubt neither does the competitor!  Remember, GOOGLE TAKES A DIM VIEW ON COPYING. IT WILL AFFECT YOUR SITE. Secondly, and by far the most crucial, IT IS ILLEGAL! 

There is enough room on the World Wide Web for all of us. Be Individual! We are!! 

We take the theft of our original work very seriously and would draw to your attention that it is protected under UK copyright law. Please note we will take legal proceeding for compensation if any part of our website, particularly text, are found being used on competitors websites.

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