July 25, 2012

Human Hair Wigs

Most people when they first lose their hair and know absolutely nothing about wigs will assume that they will need a human hair wig for it to look realistic like their own hair. We are always as honest as possible about wig wearing and we do not want to sell you a wig that would not be right for you.

Firstly, if you want to see our human hair wig collection.. click here:


But do you really want or need a human hair wig?

Human hair wigs are notoriously difficult to deal with at first. Once washed they go straight (and have been known to go curly if the donor had curly hair but this is rare!). You will then have to get it back into a style and if you need to blow dry it, it will not stay on your head whilst you do this! They generally will also need cutting into style by a professional when you first get them.  Some of the human hair wigs DO come already styled but even then they really do benefit from a trim to make it look more like *you*. The wigs are generally made from Asian hair which is thicker than European hair so a good cut is often beneficial anyway. European hair wigs are really first class but we have yet to find a good supplier of these so they are quite exclusive and extremely expensive.  

So that's the bad points covered. What about the good.  

Generally human hair wigs will last longer. They do not go frizzy at the ends with wear like the synthetic ones do. You can treat them exactly like your own hair and blow dry them, curl them if you want to, the list is endless. 

We have found that by allowing a human hair wig to dry naturally to about 80% before trying to get it dry is probably the best solution. Hold it in your had to dry and if it has a fringe, put it on your head to dry that part. Once dry you can use heated appliances on your human hair wig if required. 

It has to be said that those customers who DO wear human hair wigs would not like to go back to synthetic but it does take time and effort to learn to deal with your human hair wig. Once you get to this point it really does become very easy to care for your wig. but of course, synthetic wigs really are easier to deal with so the choice is yours! 

We are happy to discuss and questions you may have about human hair wigs. Please call us on 01746 781312 or email us at  sales@wigsworld.co.uk  

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