July 31, 2012

How to Wear Your Wig

Sounds silly to think that some people do not know how to wear a wig but if you think that you may have never worn a wig before, it can feel a bit daunting actually trying one on and then wearing a wig properly.

Once you have decided to keep your wig, give it a good shake. This wakes up the style and for wigs with a bit of volume, they can actually be transformed by this *shake*!

If you have hair, brush it away from your face and use a wig cap if you wish.  If your hair is short this is not necessary but longer hair may be seen if the wig is shorter, so tuck it away in a cap. If your hair is very long, it is best to section it and then twist it or plait it, wrap it up into a swirl and clip it to your head. Very long thick hair can be a problem with wigs as the wigs are made to fit closely to the head and if there is lots of bulky hair there, the wig will not be able to sit properly. 

Hold the front of the wig with your forefinger and thumb, put the wig up to your head and holding the front of the wig firmly by your forehead, pull the back of the wig onto your head with your other hand.  This may take a few times before you get the hang of it but when you have it will be second nature and you will do it without even thinking about it!

Make sure the side tabs are at the front of your ears and are level.  This is they key to straightening your wig and having it feel comfortable and in place. Do not worry if it doesn't look right immediately, you still have to dress it. 

If there are any stray pieces of your own hair showing, tuck them up under the wig.  You are now ready to comb the hair if you wish but often just running your fingers through it will put everything into place!

There are small adjusters at the back of the wig. These can either be sliders (a bit like a small bra strap) or they can be velcro.  These can be adjusted to make the wig feel tighter or loser and give a more comfortable and secure feel to your wig. 

If you are still unsure or you are having difficulties, go to you tube and type in "how to put on a wig" and there are loads of videos on there giving information on the subject which you may find really helpful. 

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