August 01, 2012

What is a Lace Front Wig

There are different types of lace front wigs. Basically, the lace front is completely hand tied onto a very fine mesh which, once put on, looks like the hair is growing from the head. This would be the same type of wig front that you would see Beyonce wearing.

You can view our lace front wigs here:

The lace front can be on a fully hand crafted wig where the whole wig is hand tied with a fully hand tied mono top too, similar to the one below. This is the best quality lace front wig available. How the lace is attached can vary from different manufacturers but basically they are all similar. 

You can get lace fronts on a wefted wig with a mono top, similar to the one below. The lace can also vary and this zig zag pattern at the front is quite common and again not detectable when wearing. 


You can also get lace fronts on a wefted wig so that the very front of the hair looks like your own hair giving a more realistic and invisible hairline and allowing the hair to be mushed to the side if requird without the cap of the wig being on show. 


Most lace front wigs will need no adjustments made and will sit on your forehead as an undetectable line.  Some of the older lace front wigs (which are few and far between) have longer lace at the front which would need trimming back to where you wanted it to be. We do not sell any of these types of wig but for your information these wigs DO still exist and no doubt some people prefer them.  YOu will see rom the image below that the hair looks like it grows from the head. 

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