August 07, 2012

What is a Wefted Wig

Wefted wigs are the most basic wig caps.  They tend to be at the cheaper end of the wig scale and more affordable but this doesn't mean you can pick them up for next to nothing! A well made wefted wig isn't cheap.  If you pay very very cheap for a wig, generally it will be poor quality.

A wefted wig is machine made using strips of material with hair that has been machine sewn onto them. The top can be an open cap the same as the back and sides or it can also have a solid top. Wefted wigs are popular as a fashion wig for those wanting occasional wear but most wig wearers who need a wig on a regular basis prefer a mono top wig as it looks so much more realistic.

The illustations below show how the wigs are constructed inside.   


The open wefts allow the head to breathe and are ideal as a fashion wig. These wigs are often frizzed very slightly at the root (or crimped).  This can appear a little "wiggy" in some instances. It is done to stop anyone seeing into the workings of the wig.This way of frizzing the roots is getting to be far less popular and manufacturers are moving with the times and fazing out the more wiggy appearance!

As with all wigs, the wefted wigs have small adjusters at the back. These can be velcro or they can be small bra strap style fasteners. These are then adjusted to make the wigs smaller or larger giving a much more comfortable and secure fitting to the wearer. 

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