August 12, 2012

Do Wigs Itch?

As always, we pride ourselves on being honest and up front about wig wearing and we are here to advise on the not so pleasant side of wig wearing too.  We are not only talking about the wigs we sell but ANY wigs in general. 

Most issues can be solved! 

They CAN itch. 

Customers often ask us if there is anything they can do to stop the itching from a wig. We suggest using a wig cap as this helps, but generally, a new wig will itch a bit but once it gets a little older and has had a wash or two, you will find that the itching will go. You will also become more used to it. Remember,you may never have worn a wig before so it will feel a little strange initially and you will be more aware of it.  This will pass! None of our seasoned wig wearers complain about itching. 

Will My Wig Move Round

Possibly! Wigs WILL move around if they are not fitted properly. Again a cap will help and some people sew small clips into the sides (if they have some of their own hair to attach the clips to) for a more secure fit. You can also use tape or glue to help to secure it. Generally, if you have the wig in place (and the right size) it will be quite secure. Most people do not do anything to anchor the wig down. It stays put on it's own. 

Will It Come off In The Wind

Wind is a wig wearers enemy!! We haven't heard of any coming off but it is the thing that makes most wig wearers worried. If it is secured well enough it shouldn't come off. Some of our customers keep an old wig for the times when they are dog walking, cycling or hiking in bad weather. They can pull a hat on over the top and not worry about causing any friction to the older wig. If worried, use bobby clips to secure your wig  to your own hair if you have some of your own hair, If not try tape. We find the best thing is to just pull up a hood!! 

Will It Stop My Own Hair Growing

If you have lost your hair through chemo, wearing a wig will not stop your own hair from growing back! Do not worry. 


We are always happy to hear from yo if you have a problem and need advice. If you have solved any of the wig wearing problems, please let us know your technique to share with others! 

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