August 15, 2012

What is a Mono Top Wig

Monofilament tops are usually the choice of people who needs wigs on a daily basis. This is because they look far more realistic. The mono area is completely hand tied onto an almost transparent base. The hair is tied on individually giving the appearance that the hair is growing from the head. 

These wigs may be classed as "Medical" wigs but they are for anyone with moderate to severe hair loss and can of course be work by people with their own hair. 

Monofilament wigs ARE more expensive than the more basic wefted wig due to the amount of work that goes in to making the top. Hand tying each hair can takes weeks. The mono top wigs are lighter than the wefted wigs and more comfortable. 

You can view our monofilament wigs by clicking here:

Some wigs have a mono parting rather than a full mono top. Again these are more expensive than the wefted wigs but cheaper than a full top.  For those wanting a realistic top where the parting is shown to be growing from the head, these wigs would be fine and more affordable than a full mono top.


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