August 29, 2013

Heat Defiant Wigs

How to Care for Heat Defiant Wigs

The Three C's

• Comb hair to makes sure there are no tangles
• Take a small section of hair (Smaller section  of hair will result in tighter curls,  large section of hair will result in looser curls. 
• Put hair section into curling iron, smooth through to the ends to avoid any frizz, roll up towards the cap of the wig.
• Hold for approx  15-20 seconds, release curl gently into your hand and then....

• Holding curl in your hand, gather up towards the cap and clip



• Allow curl to cool completely before removing clip and then gently let the curl hang naturally.
• HD hair can be combed ( but it is best to use fingers or a wide tooth comb).


FLAT IRON - curling tongs

• Take small” section of hair, starting approx 2" away from the cap of the wig (more than 2" is better!) gently smooth the flat iron down towards the ends of the hair. 

• You may need to do this 2 or 3 times if necessary to get the desired result. 

• Allow hair to cool naturally


HD Care Instructions

• Gently comb through any tangles using a wide tooth comb.

• Wash with a cap full of shampoo or baby shampoo in cool water
• Rinse thoroughly and squeeze out any excess water 
• Rinse off shampoo and apply conditioner or balsam if desired.
• Pat dry and either let the wig dry naturally or use a dryer.

Tip: We recommend that ONLY a wide tooth comb is used on any wig. Treat Gently! 


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