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Building a Hair Loss Wardrobe

You may think you only need to buy one wig - and maybe some people do only ever have one, but it's rare! Lets say you have already bought a wig and you love it. What happens if you have washed it and do not have a second wig to wear? Maybe you opened the oven door and your wig has frizzed, or perhaps you are going to a wedding and feel you want to look like you've just been to the hairdressers. There are loads of reasons why you might need two wigs. Having a 'spare' is always wise thinking! 

But what else might you need in your hair loss wardrobe?

You will definitely want to have shampoo and conditioner suitabale for wigs. There are loads of other products such as balsam and repair cream. 

There are many items that might be useful to you. There are wigs attached to hats, scarves, fringes,  turbans, headbands. All are worth looking at  and some of these can be picked up quite cheaply on eBay. 

When you wash your wig you will need to dry it on a wig tree to allow the hair to dry properly. Don't use a polystyrene head for drying wigs as they can stretch the materials the wig is made from.  If you don't have a wig tree, use a vase or a couple of tins of beans. Improvising is good! There are wig brushes, wig glue and tape as well as wig caps which can be useful in helping to keep the wig in place. 

Think about wig style. Are you happy keeping to one style or do you want to keep a few different wigs AND colours in your wardrobe.  We are not suggesting you go out and buy all of these things in one go or even pay huge amounts of money for wigs. Get on Instagram and follow people who wear wigs. They often sell wigs that they have bought and do not like the style, so they sell the wigs cheaply. Some might sell a wig they have worn once and then wash and clean it. It's worth looking out for a bargain if you do not want to splash out too much. 

We are well aware that some people find it difficult to afford wigs. We appreciate they are very expensive and not for everyone's pocket.  There are places like the Wig Bank where you can pick up second hand wigs very cheaply, starting around £10.  We send any used wigs there and we also have customers who send there wigs there too.  

It's fun building your wig wardrobe. It's great to have alternatives looks and good products to care for them. Take your time and buy what is right for you.  



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