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Dying A Wig

With all the new fashionable vibrant colours available these days, have you ever thought you'd like a bit of colour in your synthetic wig? Pink? Blue?   If so, how on earth do you do it? Going back several years, 

Schwarzkopf in the UK used to buy several wigs from Wigs World with a view to dying them for the catwalk. We saw pics of this and they looked fabulous.  We have used dyes to try and change a synthetic wig colour but it hasn't worked well. However, we DO intend to try 

Schwarzkopf colours to get a dipped effect and  will certainly let you know how it goes on this blog. Other makes of dye could do just the same job! Let us know won't you! 

If you do try to dye a wig, please remember, it needs to be an old wig that doesn't matter if you spoil it! It also needs to be blonde, darker wigs are difficult to dye but again, we will try this and get back to you! 

We saw a fabulous video by Alexa Poletti. DO follow her if you want some great wig ideas! As she has a share button we are sure she will not mind us sharing this with you and I hope you find it useful! We certainly have and we are going to give Alexa's methods a try! You can find her on Twitter, Instagram and her YouTube channel. Please see the video by Alexa below on how to dye a wig.

Remember, the dye can go on your clothes.. it shouldn't but it can so be ultra careful! We would love to hear (and see) how you get on dying your wig! Do send us images and if you would like, we will feature them on out blog! 

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