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Embrace Grey Hair!

Grey, white  and silver coloured wigs are currently the market favourite. It seems everyone wants to embrace grey hair whether they are young or old.  So it would seem that grey is no longer just for older people. A lot of older models have recently been advertising for Marks and Spencer and there are also now Grey Modelling Agencies, how Fabulous! In a world where everyone is trying to look younger by having botox and surgery to hold back the years, it seems the trend is definitely different with hair.  So should you embrace the grey? A recently article in a daily newspaper suggested that everyone should go grey by the time they are 60. We don't agree! This has to be a personal choice. Some people don't want to go grey but we applaud those that do! So what types of wig are available in grey colours? Just about everything is the answer! Wigs have come a long way regarding grey colours. They are no longer little old lady wigs and there is a much wider choice of styles available. To start with, we ADORE this fabulous bob style by Gisela Mayer. this is shown in colour 1001/22-22+14. 


Another lovely bob style is the Long Page Mono shown in 101/60/51. Again by Gisela Myer, this is a gorgeous sleek bob 

Disc wig by Ellen Wille is a shorter style, but a real head turner. Shown in colour Platin Mix. 

If you are looking for a longer style, what about Club Special by Gisela Mayer shown in colour 1001/24-22+14

If you like shorter styles, take a loot at the Esprit Mono Lace by Gisela Mayer shown in colour GL60-101

Fashion Vicky (below) has beautiful styling - shown in colour 66-4

There are loads more grey wigs on out website.  Are you ready to Embrace the grey? 

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