False Eyelashes With Alopecia

False eyelashes can be a bit of faff at the best of times, but if you have no eyelashes due to alopecia or medication, then the problem is multiplied by 50! If you have some eyelashes, then the false ones will at least have a base to sit on. If you have no eyelashes at all, you have to find where the lash line is and encourage the lashes to actually stay there! There's no chance of using the magnetic lashes as there is nothing to grip them to! 

It IS difficult to get the hang of false eyelashes, but trust us, once you've managed it a few times, it will be come a lot easier, stick with it! 

Firstly, choose the lash thickness that you like. For every day wear, some of the thinner, more realistic lashes are best but the choice is yours. We would tend to go for the Ardell's Wispies or Eylure. As well as the fine, every day type of lashes, they also do the thicker, bold, going out lashes! Start with some lightweight ones. 

Most people will find any false lashes slightly too wide. The first thing to do, is check to see if the length is right for you and if not, cut a very tiny piece off each lash.  It becomes uncomfortable if they are a bit too long and stick in the corner of your eye. Those lashes would soon be off! Once you have done this, bend them a little into an arch so that they fit the eye shape better.  Secondly, choose good quality glue. This is the thing that is going to keep your lashes on so make sure you choose well.  You can buy black glue but most glue will dry clear. Duo is good, as is Eylure. 

Now put your usual eyeliner onto the lash line of your eye. This is important if you have no lashes as you need a guide of where to stick the lash. 

You now need to use a lash curler on the lashes. This may not be necessary if you have your own lashes, but it is important if you do not have any lashes of your own. The lashes, if not curled, can drop and look like they are falling in your eye.  You want them to stand up and look like normal lashes so curl them before hand. 

Now you are ready to add the glue to your lashes.  We have found the best way to begin the process of adding glue, particularly to brand new lashes, is to put a layer of glue on both lashes and leave it for a minute or so.  After that, add another layer to one of the lashes, leave for 30 seconds and then begin to attach it to the lash line. One thing....USE A MAGNIFYING MIRROR! It makes life SO much easier! The lash will be tacky and easy to stick if you have allowed time for the glue to dry a little.  Not allowing the glue to dry causes the lash to slip around which you need to avoid.  Once you have the lash in place, press the lash line onto the eye with tweezers or similar (be careful!)  Brilliant! you have one lash on! Now repeat for the other lash. The lashes should stay in place with no issues but if you are going out, take a small magnifying mirror in your bag and a small tube of lash glue.  If one of the eyelashes starts to come loose, just re-attach! 

The second time you use the same lashes, it will be easier. Used lashes seem to attach better because they are the right shape, they have a build up of glue (peel off it it's too much though, and  have been cut to fit.  Good Luck! have a few trial runs, keep at it and we promise you it will become second nature to you to attach your lashes!  

Now you have the hang of it, buy lush lashes for evening wear!  Be bold.. look fabulous! 

Just a quick note about pre glued eyelashes. if you wish to use them, use the above guide but miss out the glue part as the pre glued lashes will not need it. We prefer using glue. It's a little trickier, but the lashes have more staying power! 



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