How To Tone Down The Natural Shine of A Synthetic Wig

We have covered this before, but it is something we are asked on a daily basis, so here are our tips for toning down the shine on a new synthetic wig. We know how much some of you hate the shine initially and whilst it will naturally tone down, we appreciate that some don't want to wait! These are the essentials you will need to help tone down that shine! Use any type of root spray close to the colour of the wig. It's not strong enough to change the colour greatly. For the wig above, any blonde colour spray is fine.  It washes out immediately if you make a mistake so don't worry!  The other thing to use (and is invaluable for this)  is dry shampoo. This will really help tone down the sheen. Again it will wash out beautifully.  The sheen doesn't last long. Just by every day wearing and washing when required, it will tone down naturally it's own time so do not feel you HAVE to do any of the above. Besides, some customers actually LIKE the sheen! For others, try this method. It's foolproof!  

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