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Making The Most of A Human Hair Wig

As we say a lot to our customers, human hair wigs are notoriously difficult to deal with when you are new to them. So lets assume that you've done your homework, read up on the difference between synthetic and human hair and you have bought your first human hair wig.  Lets have a look at the best way to get started and how to make life easy to care for them.

The first thing you might need to do is have the wig cut into shape. This will make it look more realistic, thin out a thicker wig and make it more like your own style. This must be done by a profession. Having a human hair wig cut will definitely make it look more like 'you'. 

When you take your wig off at night, put it on a wig stand. Yes we know that most sling it on the floor! Keep it neat and care for it! Handle it gently when brushing or combing, don't snatch at the hair. It WILL shed, this is normal. There is more than enough hair on the wig to cope with a bit of shedding.

It will need washing every 7 -14 days. We have covered washing wigs in previous blog posts, but needless to say, you have to wash it gently and, with human hair wigs, keep the water flowing over the hair from the cap down the length of the hair, keeping the hair in one direction.  Do not scrub with your hands, just gently massage the products through the hair.  Use quality products. Remember that human hair wigs do not get the oil from your scalp so they become drier quicker. You need to put the goodness back into the hair. Use hair oils and when conditioning, leave it on for 10 minutes, half an hour or longer if you have time.  Let the wig dry naturally up to about 80% and finish drying into shape with a hairdryer.  There really is no point trying to dry it from fully wet because it will take forever and believe us, it will be very stressful! . Also the wig will not stay on your head while you dry! You can pin the wig onto a wig head to help with this or if you have a good hairdresser, the best thing to do is to get it restyled by them. It will take the stress out of styling. 

So what else can you do with a human hair wig?

You can dye it.. again we wouldn't suggest trying this yourself! Hopefully you will have chosen the right colour in the first place and dying is not needed but you might feel it needs cheering up as it gets older as the colour DOES fade. Get a professional to do it, or if you have an older human hair wig, practice on that! (only use a wig you no longer need though just in case!) There are You Tube videos explaining how to dye human hair wigs.  

Use a good quality brush, detangler brushes are good. 

Use root sprays to give a realistic finish. They wash out.

Every few months, give the wig a deep conditioning by leaving the product on the wig for at least a few hours.  

When blow drying, use a styling product to protect the hair. 

Hydrate the wig by using leave in conditioner. It works!  

Every wash will shorten the life of your wig so don't wash it every other day, it really doesn't need it! 

You've paid a lot of money for your human hair wig, you need to treat it with respect and look after it as best you can! 


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