New 'Changes' Collection by Ellen Wille

Ellen Wille have brought out a fabulous new collection, it's called Changes.. it's worth a look!

There's a lot to tempt you! Great styles with flair, colour and imagination! Our favourite ones here in the office are Alive wig and French wig, although we are sure you will agree that it's difficult to narrow it down!  The Alive wig has great styling. Long layers with soft waves which sexily tumble over the shoulders. It features a mono parting, always great to give the realistic look we are want! 

The French wig is a short bob style finished with a club cut around the front with soft layers around the edges to give the wig more of a salon finish. It has a great lace front meaning that the hair can be brushed to the side.  

Lastly,  if we can throw another style into the mix, how about the Touch wig? How cute is that! For a fabulous beach look with a tousled finish, the Touch wig is just about as sexy and glam as it can get! The mono part makes the parting look realistic and the lace front gives that natural finish. So beautiful.  Have a look.. see which styles you prefer! 

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