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New Gisela Mayer Wigs En Vogue Brochure!

We are so excited to tell you about the fabulous new styles in the Gisela Mayer Wigs en Vogue brochure. There is something for everyone of course. What else would you expect from the ever popular and reliable Gisela Mayer wigs.  For a sneak peak, have a look on their website and flick through the brochure at your leisure - click below to see the full range.

BUT (there's always one isn't there?!) please remember, this is a sneak peak and at the time of blogging not all of the styles are yet in stock! Any queries please email us! 

Currently, our favourites are Shine Lace (view by clicking below) - this is a really cool, on trend, sexy style with a mono parting and full lace front.  

Below is Tape wig.. it has a mono parting and a lace front.  Long waves give full seduction mode on this one! Stunning colour shown in the picture.  

For those liking the shorter styles, the Vicky range of wigs have always been ultra popular in the Gisela Mayer collection and the two new styles of Vicky will fly that's for sure! Below is Fashion Vicky.. this is available in a mono parting and a full mono top.. both have a full lace front.  


Available from December 2019 is this really beautiful long wig, Angelina Maxi Lace. 

We will keep you posted with more new wigs soon! 

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