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Red and Yellow and Pink and Green.... and purple and blue... We can show you a rainbow of beautiful colours from Gisela Mayer! So many people sent us comments about these on Instagram, we just know they are going to be so popular.  They are fashion wigs, so no mono parts or lace fronts, but if you are looking for a colour that is currently the height of fashion, then look no further.  Below we have Lilac Frost.  Isn't it GORGEOUS! The darker roots give a great finish to this style and the beautiful lilac colour is so flattering. 

You don't fancy lilac?  What about Blue?  Below is Blue Waves.. its a stunner.

Maybe you're a green person? This 'Mint To Be' colour might be just right for you!

But!!! Our favourite here in the office HAS to be Artic Metal! WE LOVE IT!!!! The cooler lilac shading at the roots compliments the pink/purple waves which frame the face and finish around the edge of the wig in a paler colour.. all in all.. it's a winner. they all are! 

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