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Should I Use Wig Products

The answer to this is YES! We are talking mainly about synthetic fibre wigs here. In the past we have suggested to customers to use baby shampoo (and of course you still can). It's gentle and will clean your wig. However, wig shampoos, conditioners and treatments are specially formulated to care for your wig and they definitely help to keep your wig in tip top condition, so it is very much worth buying them!  Normal shampoo can be harsh. Your scalp makes oil which spreads into the hair, normal shampoo needs to be able to remove those oils. As wigs do not have oil, normal shampoo can be a bit too strong for them. 

So what would we recommend?  Everyone has their own wig cleaning regime. Some don't wash their wigs often but will treat their wigs with leave in conditioning sprays in between washing.  

Our top 3 products to use would be Shampoo, spray conditioner and hair tip liquid which calms down the ends of the wig when they start to get a bit frazzled. By using these products, you may be able to prolong the life of your wig.  

A few other tips, invest in a good brush or wide toothed comb. Use a wig cap. Don't wash too often!  


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