We thought we would look a little more in depth at wearing toppers. Who are they for? Well, maybe your hair has started thinning on top, not much, but you've noticed more hair in the brush or you can see a wider parting. It could be that the hair loss on top of your head is quite noticeable now and you feel uncomfortable about it. It's scary, we know. It's upsetting, we know.  For some, there is no doubt that not being able to cover the patches on their scalp is very upsetting and may even stop them going out. We are fully aware of all the issues because our customers tell us the problems associated with it.  Toppers can be a life saver in these situations.  They come in both human hair and synthetic and they also come in quite small pieces for those with less hair loss up to quite large scalp pieces that cover the whole top of the head.  As long as you have some hair at the sides, there is a topper for you if you do not feel ready to go down the wig route.  Lets have a little look at a few of them to give you some ideas.  Below we have High End Techno Top Filler Long.  This piece is made using heat resistant fibre which means you can re-style it if so desired using a hairdryer. Please do not use hot irons on heat resistant fibre above 120 degrees.  

You will see that this piece has quite a large scalp area. It fastens with 4 clips, you can of course add more clips if it makes you feel more secure but 4 is generally enough for most people.  As well as the mono scalp area which gives the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp, the remainder of the piece has been completely hand tied to give the best possible finish. This piece is of the highest quality. 

You will see that this particular piece has a lace front. This works fine whether you have your own hair at the front or not.  

The length of this topper is approx 45 cm but can be trimmed a little if needed. However,  if you are looking for a shorter piece you are best to go for a different topper as it is not advisable to cut too much off a synthetic topper OR wig.  Human hair pieces can be cut by a professional to whatever length you desire.  Again, it would be best to go for a length closer to what you are looking for as the longer the human hair piece is, the more expensive it is. 

The smaller toppers, as mentioned, are more suitable for minor hair loss. The piece below, Light Cover Mono, would be around 7cm x 13 cm. Once clipped it, the hair drapes around your own hair giving good coverage. 

Not all top pieces have mono areas. Some have a honeycomb appearance. This  allows for the topper to be clipped onto the scalp and your own hair pulled through. This is more suitable for those who want a curly/wavy look as a flatter style would show the base of the piece. There is a topper to suit every type of hair loss. 

So are there any down sides to wearing a top piece?  There can be. We are not going to gloss over it, toppers clip into your hair and the tension of the clips pulling on your own hair CAN cause more shedding. It may not happen, it might. It's best to know these things as you can adjust the clips to help with any issue. If you DO see any hair loss, move the clips around on the topper so that they are not constantly pulling at the same spot. Be sure not to pull the clips so tightly that they pull against each other and tug at your own hair.  Be careful when removing the piece not to pull at your own hair. Of course, you may not experience any hair tugging from the clips particularly if you are careful and treat your own hair with respect. Over all the good points of wearing a topper and getting your confidence back far out weigh the possibility loosing a few extra strands of hair.  It's worth knowing that a lot of people who do not have ANY hair loss use toppers.  They may just have fine hair and feel the toppers make their fuller.  We know of famous people who use them. You would never know and we would never tell! 


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