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Turbans and Scarves

Some people prefer to wear a turban, hat or scarf than to wear a wig. The majority, however wear wigs and never use turbans and scarves. But are we missing out? Wigs can feel quite warm in the summer so it's a good idea to have a few lightweight and cool scarves or turbans to hand. They are great for sitting in the garden but also lovely for dressing up and going out. The scarves below are beautiful and can take you anywhere in the world! Stylish and on trend, you can't go wrong. 


For something more simple for an afternoon in the garden or on the beach, how about these lightweight scarves below.

Don't forget about hats too!  The one below is by Ellen Wille and is made from cotton and linen. It is designed for people with hair loss and covers the whole hairline. 

Want something a bit more dressy that will  take you through to the Autumn? Look below. Available in other colours.  

Have a look at some fabulous turbans here.

What about in Winter when our costly wigs are getting wet, or worse, blown about. The turban below is a thicker fabric and great for colder days. 

Turbans are now available for men too! See below.

See out turban collection here.

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