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Wearing A Wig For The First Time

We know that for some, wearing a wig is a hugely difficult thing to do. Usually, you will try one on by just placing it on the head, decide it looks terrible, unrealistic and decidedly noticeable and vow you can never wear one. If we can give one great tip it would be to join Instagram and follow other wig wearers. Here you will find confident people who talk about wearing wigs and look fabulous doing so.  It will give you great ideas! Honestly!  A lot do videos to show you what they do to their wigs to make them look more realistic. The little tips and tricks you can pick up are priceless. Start by following us,  wigsworlduk. After that, go on You Tube and watch others on there too.  We have advised some of our customers to do this who have been with us for years and we can honestly say they have got back to us saying it has changed the way they wear wigs. Social media can be a great thing and having others talking a bout a situation you find yourself in is such a big help and it's not too big a thing to say it can be life changing!

You might wish to read our blog on 'New To Wigs' which you will find on here and can be helpful.

Experiment. Enjoy your wig wearing experience. Join social media. Take advice. The confidence it will give you is wonderful. take our word for it! 

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