Most wig wearers will have an average size head. Due to this, most wigs available are average size! Only about 5% of wig wearers have a  petite head. The approximate sizing is:

21" Petite Fitting

22.5" Average Fitting

23" Large Fitting

All wigs come with adjusters at the back that look like little bra straps or others have velcro fastenings so you CAN make them smaller or larger accordingly. They usually adjust by at least 1" either way. However, if your head is a petite size you will find that the average wigs can feel *baggy* on top and not fit neatly to your head. A petite section is available on this website. 

To measure your head, use a soft tape measure and follow the natural hairline (or where the hairline would be). Measure above the ears and bring the tape measure around to the front at the forehead. Do this a couple of times to be sure. See image below:

The measurements are flexible, for instance, a 22 inch head would probably fit an average wig. If you DO need a petite wig you can view our selection here:

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