Types Of Wig Cap


Monofilament + 100% Handmade

These are top quality wigs using monofilament and hand tying. This luxury product provides 100% comfort. The mono top is woven onto a fine base and is undetectable to the eye. It looks like skin and is very realistic giving the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp.   The remainder of the wig is a fine mesh and the hair is hand tied to it making it lightweight. These wigs are often more comfortable for those with total hair loss.  


 Monofilament + Weft

The hair is woven onto a very fine mesh on the scalp area (mono top) which is invisible against the skin. The mono top gives the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp.  These are probably the most popular wigs. The wefted back and sides have been machine made with hair sewn to strips of material (ribbons). There is a gap between each of the strips allowing the head to breath. 


100% Hand Tied

The whole wig cap is made of a fine mesh.  Whilst this type of wig does not have a mono top, but as you can see from the diagram, as the wig is completely hand tied it still gives the appearance of skin all over.


Wefted Wig with Mono Parting

Wefting refers to the thin strips of material (ribbons) that the hair is machine sewn to. This particular type cap has a mono parting. Again, this gives the appearance of skin, but usually these wigs are a little cheaper than those with a full mono top. The parting is not adjustable. 


 Small Mono Part

Wefted wig with small mono area, usually at the crown. The vast majority of the wig is made from lightweight strips of material.


Wefted means strips of ribbon like material which the hair is machine sewn on to. This makes the wig lightweight and cooler to wear. Wefted only wigs are a cheaper variety of wig cap. People with hair loss who need to wear a wig every day usually prefer a mono top wig as they are more realistic.

 Lace front Wigs 

The lace front on a wig gives an invisible finish on the hairline of the wig at the forehead.  Hair is hand tied to the lace front giving the appearance that the hair is growing from the forehead.This means that the hair can be swept to the side if so desired without the cap of the wig being on show.   The lace front is used on wefted wigs, monofilament wigs and fully hand tied wigs.