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Smile Mono Wig

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Color: Espresso Mix
  • Product Info

    A very short, delicate bob hairstyle with subtle texture. This soft style frames the face and is styled into the neck and razor cut for a profession looking finish. The Smile wig has a mono parting which has been hand tied to give the appearance that the hair is growing from the scalp.   There is a lace front which allows the hair to be worn swept to the side as it gives an invisible finish.   The back and sides are wefted with lightweight materials which is breathable and easy to wear. 

    There are small adjusters at the back of this wig which can be adjusted to your liking to make the wig either smaller or larger and will give a more secure and comfortable fit.  

    Delivery 4 - 7  working days. Longer for international orders. 

  • Size Guide

    Most wig wearers will have an average size head. Due to this, most wigs available are average size! Only about 5% of wig wearers have a  petite head. The approximate sizing is:

    21" Petite Fitting

    22.5" Average Fitting

    23" Large Fitting

    All wigs come with adjusters at the back that look like little bra straps or others have velcro fastenings so you CAN make them smaller or larger accordingly. They usually adjust by at least 1" either way. However, if your head is a petite size you will find that the average wigs can feel *baggy* on top and not fit neatly to your head. A petite section is available on this website. 

    To measure your head, use a soft tape measure and follow the natural hairline (or where the hairline would be). Measure above the ears and bring the tape measure around to the front at the forehead. Do this a couple of times to be sure. See image below:

    The measurements are flexible, for instance, a 22 inch head would probably fit an average wig. If you DO need a petite wig you can view our selection here:


    All wording on this website is original and is protected by UK copyright law. It is illegal to copy.



  • Delivery

    Delivery is usually 5 - 10 WORKING days in the UK. European and international orders will take longer.  

    Should your item be out of stock with our supplier, we will notify you immediately so it is very important to use a valid email and check regularly - please also check junk mail if you are using hotmail or gmail. 

    Once your item arrives with us, we send it to you the same day. We do everything to get the wig to you as soon as possible. 

    If there IS a delay, you will be offered the option to have the wig put on back order, change your order, or of course cancel if that is what you wish. 

    Please allow longer for international delivery. Once your parcel has left the UK we have no control over how long it will take your own country to get the parcel to you but it IS usually within 7 - 10 days. Be aware that it can take longer and you should allow up 28 days for delivery and we certainly cannot send out a replacement wig before that time. 

  • Care

    Synthetic wigs.

    It is best if you do not wash your synthetic wig very often, every 14 - 20 times of wearing is fine. If you wash it too much can make the life of your wig shorter. Wigs can become frizzy at the back where they rub against clothing or the neck. This is normal, if not annoying! A product is available to help with this on our Accessories page.

    How to wash...Fill a bowl with cool water, hot water will damage the wig, add a small amount of shampoo into the water (baby shampoo is fine if you do not have wig shampoo).  Swish the wig in the water gently and then leave to soak for around 3 - 4 minutes. Rinse the shampoo off in cool water, then pat the excess water off with a towel. Put the wig onto a stand and allow to dry naturally. If you do not have a wig stand, you can stack a couple of baked bean cans or similar and the put the wig on top. It is best not to use the polystyrene heads to dry the wig as they can stretch the wig and it will not dry as quickly as the air cannot circulate. Do not comb or brush the wig whilst it is wet.  The wig will dry in the style it was purchased. You can spray with leave in conditioner whilst wet if you wish.  Shampoos and conditioner can be purchased here:


    • Having two wigs is the best option. When you are washing one wig, you have a spare wig which you can use and also rotating the wigs will prolong their life. Also, if you have a disaster where the wig gets damaged you have a second wig to fall back on. 

    • Wash your wig every 2 - 3 weeks. It really doesn't need washing more than that. 

    • Do not use hot water on synthetic wigs. Hot water can frizz the wigs and you could end up ruining it. Heat will cause damage so do not use any sort of heat on the wig such as hairdryer, heated appliances and even watch out for the heat from the oven when opening the door!! 

      Some people feel better about their wig if they get it trimmed slightly by a professional as this makes it look more like their own style. However, it is not necessary to have them cut as they come already styled.


    Human Hair Wigs


    Human hair wigs can be treated pretty much like your own hair. They still may not need washing as often and it is best to treat it very gently as the hair will not grow again like your own hair! Wash gently, do not rub and allow the water to run in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling. 

    You can use the same products on a human hair wig as you would on your own hair but just remember to treat very gently. Products designed for a human hair wig are also available.

    Human hair wigs may need cutting by a professional. In fact, human hair wigs often look far better when they have had a cut. Whilst most human hair wigs DO come in a pre-styled style, others are left long all over so that they can be cut into a desired style. 

    Human hair wigs can be more difficult to look after than synthetic wigs as synthetic wigs do not need re-styling once washed. Human hair wigs need more care. Once washed they go straight (or even curly if the donor of the hair had curly hair!) It is then quite difficult to get it back into the style you had.  You can use heated appliances but it is best to let the wig dry around 80% before trying to style it They will not stay on your head whilst trying to blow dry so waiting until almost dry is easier! Whilst it can be difficult to get used to styling a human hair wig, once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. However, if you are not good at styling your own hair, you  might be better to get it washed and styled by a professional or stick to the synthetic wigs which are much easier to deal with! 

    It is quite natural for wigs to loose some hair so do not worry if there are some loose strands after washing or combing! 


    Heat Resistant Fibre Wigs

    These can be treated like human hair but avoid using very hot items such as curling irons or straighteners.