Hannah Mono Lace Deluxe Human Hair Wig

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The item is NOT SOLD OUT but we have to put that on the website to stop anyone from purchasing online as this is an exclusive collection, it is only available directly through us by email or phone. Please email or call for details. We are happy to explain the finer details of the wigs you are interested in!

Another stunning human hair wig from this new range.  100% hand tied and of the very highest standard. 

Shown in colour 263 - medium blonde. 

Long bob style with shape around the bottom but can be cut too your own liking (by a professional!) 

The 100% hand crafted mono top gives the illusion that the hair is growing from the scalp. 

The back and sides are also hand tied making this wig lightweight and easy to wear. 

Average fit

Please call or email for pricing. 

Delivery is 4 - 7 working days.